Fimer Welding Equipment

Fimer welding machines are universally recognized for their state-of-the-art technology and high performance, which is the result of a continuous progress started in 1942 and which is still evolving.

Today Fimer are one of the leading brands of welding equipment in the world being at the forefront of welding technology with a reputation for extreme quality and reliability. All machines are manufactured in Italy in their state of the art manufacturing centre.

AES are the leading importer and wholesaler of this advanced range of welding machines offering all the technical back-up and warranty support for the UK.

Historically Fimer has been selling into the UK through companies like Parweld and Butters AMT, however this has been discontinued and we are now offer excellent prices direct from the manufacturer.

Why purchase a Fimer Welding Machine?

Apart the benefits associated with Fimer mentioned above such as build quality and welding performance, Fimer welders have the following unique technology to offer;


VRD technology for MMA or stick welding, this reduces the OCV (Open Circuit Voltage) to 12V when not in use, making them one of the safest arc welders to use on the market.

Dual Pulse Process

A unique pulsed MIG process with double pulse which decreases the thermal input to the workpiece, by ensuring all advantages of pulsed arc, in particularly with light alloys and thin metal sheet, improving final aesthetics results.

HSF Process

HSF Process (High Speed Fimer) process, derived from traditional spray arc, thanks to the high dynamic regulation of welding parameters, is possible obtain following main advantages respect to GMAW spray arc :

• Faster welding time • Deeper penetration • Low thermal input on workpiece • More arc stability • Spatter free • Smaller seam opening angle – fewer passer • Less filler material and gas consumption • Save cost of pre/post work • Resolution of undercut and porosity • Stick-out up to 40 mm

DSF Process

DSF PROCESS (Dual Short Fimer), derived from traditional short arc, works with
two different energy levels: the first level has a primary current suitable to obtain an higher penetration with the fusion of base material; the second level has a lower current output and therefore a reduced thermal effect, while the stability of the arc is relatively higher.

Main advantages versus to GMAW are the following: • Lower thermal effect (less deformation, post welding works, risk of rupture) • Stablity of higher arc • Possibility to carry out the root welding • Possibility to weld in different positions • Easier control of welding pool • Reduced spray • Suitable to be used with CO2 Main advantages versus to GTAW are the following: • Faster welding execution • User friendly

TIG Pulse Process

Thanks to the unique Fimer TIG Welding technology we can increase already existing TIG pulse welding frequency up to 5 KHz. More frequency = More arc pressure More arc pressure = More penetration More penetration = More speed = Cost reduction

TIG AC mix Process

The Unique Fimer Solution Mixing AC period and DC- period we can obtain more penetration and more speed,
why? AC period useful to deoxidation DC- period useful to penetration

APPLICATIONS Thin sheets Aestetic welding Thickness 0.8-3.0 mm Joints with dissimilar thickness RESULTS More penetration More speed Great design

Fimer Plasma Cutters - Unique technology and performance

Plasma cutters are available with or without integrated compressor, power output from 35 to 110 A. First and unique in the world, the three phase compressor plasma cutting unit
110A, is compatible to cut up to 35mm plate thickness without compressed air supply by the network as it is self sufficient thanks to its built-in compressor.

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