Fronius AccuPocket 150 TIG Battery Powered Arc Weld Package

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Fronius has expanded its range of battery-operated welding solutions to include a variant for TIG welding. The AccuPocket 150/400 TIG is just as handy as the device already available for MMA welding and boasts the same advantages. In addition, it offers powerful TIG functions such as a two- and four-step switchover, TAC function and TIG Comfort Stop. The TIG pulse function ensures reduced heat input, improved gap-bridging ability and a better weld seam appearance. Another highlight is an integrated gas solenoid valve, which guarantees an optimum gas shield in the start and stop phase.

Technical Data

  • Welding current / Duty cycle [10min/40C] 100A / 50% ED [Hybrid]
  • Welding current / Duty cycle [10min/40C] 150A / 25% ED [Hybrid]
  • Welding current / Duty cycle [10min/40C] 65A / 100% ED [Hybrid]
  • Operating voltage 0 - 91V
  • Open-circuit voltage 91 V
  • Mains voltage [+/-15%] 52,8V DC Ladespannung
  • Dimension / b 160,0 mm
  • Dimension / l 435,0 mm
  • Weight 10,9 kg
  • Degree of protection IP23


To make the electrode easier to ignite, the current at the power source is increased for a fraction of a second during ignition. The HotStart function was specially developed for welding with rutile and Cel electrodes.


The SoftStart function ensures a stable arc at the start of welding and was specially developed for electrodes that are welded with a low welding current (basic electrodes).


With TAC, one spot is all it takes for tacking, because the pulsed arc sets the two weld pools in motion, making them jump together in next to no time, to make one single weld-pool. The TAC function is also very useful when welding light-gauge sheets without filler metal.


At the end of the welding operation, the welding current is switched off automatically if a specific change is made to the arc length. This prevents the arc being unnecessarily elongated when the TIG welding torch is lifted off the workpiece to end the welding process. This results in a better weld result in the area of the end-crater, as the gas shield is maintained.

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