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Masterweld 4130 (Werkstoff 1.7218 AISI 4130) is a high strength low alloy TIG filler rod with similar chemical composition to that of 4130, and is to be used for welding this material when heat treatment is applied due to high strength requirements.

Because of the relatively high carbon content, a minimum of 200¡C, (400¡F) preheat and very slow cooling after welding should be used to avoid cracking. After welding, the part can be heated to 870¡C (1600¡F), quenched in oil or water then tempered back to 370¡C (700¡F). This might be considered a complex cycle, but it will result in a tensile strength of approximately 1380 MPa (200,000 lb/in.2). Since the weld is the same chemistry as the base metal, it and the heat-affected zone will have properties similar to the base metal when heat-treated. All critical welds of this type should be inspected for internal soundness to assure they are free from cracks.

Important note;

If you are welding 4130 and do not require heat treatment, but are welding the material in normalised condition (re quirement of tensile strength of approximately 590 to 620 MPa (85,000 to 90,000 lb/in.2) then due to its low carbon content, the correct filler wire is Masterweld ER70-S2.

If a higher strength weld is required for perhaps a butt-joint weld that cannot be reinforced, strengthened with a gusset, or put in a less critically stressed area, then the use of Masterweld ER80S-D2, which contains 0.50 moly, will provide a weld deposit with higher strength. When diluted into the 4130 base material, a weld tensile level of 760 to 800 MPa (110,000 to 115,000 lb/in.2) can be achieved. If this higher strength welding wire is employed, a minimum preheat of 65¡C (150¡F) is recommended.

However if you require the highest possible strength of weld deposit on 4130, then heat treatment is a must, and Masterweld 4130 is your ultimate choice of filler rod.

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