Esab Plasma Cutter

Designed with the idea that recommended cut capacity should also be the TRUE cut capacity, eliminating the concept of having to "buy up", purchasing a plasma cutter larger than you need. A 25mm recommended capacity machine will cut 25mm materials ALL DAY LONG.


  • True Confidence – Micro-processor controlled front panel LEDs assure error free use from setup to clean up
  • True Strength – Work all day at our recommended
  • True Protection – 3 year unlimited power supply warranty and TRUE GUARD™ rugged roll bar
  • True Tip™ – The only 60 Amp drag cutting tip on the market today
  • True Flexibility – Patented 1Torch® with the flexibility to move quickly from hand to mechanised cutting all with the change of a torch
  • True Portability – Lighter, more portable machines without compromising performance


  • Colour Coded LEDs indicate pressure status and setup errors
  • Auto Pilot Restart instantly reignites the pilot arc while cutting expanded metals
  • Quick Connect ATC® (Advanced Torch Connector) quick torch connect and disconnect with no tools required
  • TRUE GUARD™ Roll Bar provides easy transportation, protects the front and rear of the power supply for unmatched durability
  • Convenient storage compartment for spare and consumable parts
  • Multiple Torch Capability (Hand, Mechanised and Automation)
  • Ergonomic Torch Handle easy-to-use trigger release that provides comfort during prolonged use with 75° and 90° heads.
  • Extended or Protected Consumable Parts by simply changing the shield cup, you can either have an extended tip for greater visibility and control and precision drag cutting at low power or a protected tip for on the plate drag cutting at high power up to 120 Amps.

Our Esab Cutmaster Plasma Cutter Product Range & Supplier Part Numbers

  • 60 c/w 6mtr SL60 - 0559111304
  • 60 c/w 15mtr SL60 - 0559111314
  • 80 c/w 6mtr SL60 - 0559113304
  • 80 c/w 15mtr SL60 - 0559113314
  • 100 c/w 6mtr SL100 - 0559117304
  • 100 c/w 15mtr SL100 - 0559117314
  • 120 c/w 6mtr SL100 - 0559119304
  • 120 c/w 15mtr SL100 - 0559119314

Our Esab HandyPlasma Plasma Cutter Product Range & Supplier Part Numbers

  • Esab HandyPlasma 35i Plasma Cutter Package Complete - 0559160135
  • Esab HandyPlasma 45i Plasma Cutter Package Complete - 0559160145
To find out more about the benefits of owning an Esab Plasma Cutter, call us free on **0800 975 9710**

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