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Why use a Tungsten Grinder from AES?

Historically, electrodes have been sharpened through a simple bench grinder, and this has generally served the average user well.

However, recent Health and Safety regulations that have come into force over 2015/2016, as well as generally accepted best practices, say that Tungsten Electrodes must be sharpened in a manner where the dangerous particles of dust can be contained and not allowed to be inhaled or to enter the body.

Why can't I use a normal grinder?

If you as the user were to use just a standard bench grinder, you could be harmed by the Radioactive Thorium element contained in most electrodes, hence a Tungsten Grinder is a must for any company who's carrying out TIG Welding. A modern workshop should use dedicated Tungsten Grinders/Sharpeners to keep employees safe from ill Affects from Thorium and other harmful substances in the welding rod.

Even if the Electrodes are free of Thorium, a tungsten grinder is always the best idea- see below:

Is there any other benefits?

Yes- our Tungsten grinders will produce far better point and hence a much improved, more concentrated and accurate TIG arc when TIG welding. It will be much more consistent as these are designed for the task- a reliably sharpened tip.

Other Factors

  • Quick and consistent electrode preparation for improved weld-quality- you can easily add a tip flat for longer electrode tip life and much reduced weld contamination
  • Your shop will be cleaner, safer and more productive as a result.
  • Reduced waste is created- you can get more out of each welding electrodes.

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