Cutting & Gouging Nozzles

Please see below for guidance on gas cutting nozzles. For technical support, call free on 0800 975 9710.

Choice of Gas Cutting Nozzles

Choice of Nozzle: one-piece nozzles are best with acetylene and two-piece nozzles is most appropriate for regular cutting.

Choice of Series: these include ANM, ANM-E, PNM, PNM-E and AFN nozzles. Also, elite 6 combination torch, DH Elite and NM cutters.

Choice of Preheat Capacity: the nozzle will depend on the preheat capacity. They are steel coated with rust and scale as well as bevel cutting which requires a heavy preheat.

Choice of Size: the recommended size is dependent on the thickness of steel that is cut. Sizes that are too large wastes gas. It is best to use oxygen pressure that is recommended for the nozzle.

Gas Cutting Nozzle Types

The 3 main types of gas cutting nozzles are A, B & PNM. The 3 types are produced in different sizes varying in inches. Type A and B have two-seat nozzles whereas PNM’s three-seat nozzle prevents backfire and flashbacks ensuring a safer working environment. All 3 types use liquefied petroleum gas fuels (LPG). In addition, PNM is also used with acetylene gas (ANM).

Gas Cutting Nozzle Range

  • Lightweight - Acetylene

  • Acetylene - UK Made. ANMS (Acetylene Nozzles Mix Short) Acetylene cutting nozzles short pattern are typically 76mm long. Manufactured to BS EN ISO 5172.

  • ASNM Acetylene Sheet Metal are made to cut sheet mild steel to a 3mm maximum thickness. ASNM is designed to be used with the HD style cutting attachment. ASFN is used with the small,LW style cutting attachment.

  • AGNM Acetylene remove welds and make gouges in mild steel plate using the oxy-acetylene process with a heavy duty cutting attachment or NM type cutter.

  • ARCNM Rivet acetylene cutting nozzle designed for flame cutting rivet heads, screws and bar profiles. ARCNM nozzles are used with the NM type cutters and HD cutting attachments for cutting rivet heads.

  • Propane - UK Made. Flow-cut PNM Series cutting nozzles are of a two piece design made up of a brass inner nozzle with splines and a hollow drawn copper outer sheath. The reason that PNM’s differ from ANM is that different gas mixing criteria apply. Oxy-propane has a lower burning velocity than oxy-acetylene and this requires two things to develop good flame conditions. First, turbulence must be created between the inner and outer parts of the nozzle to obtain adequate mixing of the propane and oxygen. Secondly, the volume of mixed oxy-propane needs to be more than double that of oxy-acetylene for the same usable heat. This is achieved by having very large channels (the splines) to conduct the greater gas volumes.

  • Apachi - All Sizes Available. Two-piece NM type cutting nozzle designed for use with ‘Apachi’ (’MAP’) gas in an NM style cutting torch or HD cutting attachment. This type of gas is becoming increasingly popular for heavy duty cutting, welding & heating applications, being overall safer to use than acetylene, but with excellent heating capacity.

  • Harris Type VVC are for machine cutting applications using propane or natural gas. Used with machine cutters using propane to cut quickly and efficiently, with repeated accuracy. The popular ‘Chromed’ type is available in 16 sizes.

  • Harris Type NFF - All Sizes. NFF cutting nozzles are for hand cutting applications using propane or natural gas.

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