Wire Brushes

New extensive range of steel and stainless steel wire brushes for all abrasive and metal cleaning applications.

What type of wire brush is the best for my application?

Twisted, or knotted wire brushes are generally used where aggressive cleaning is needed on heavy duty applications like removal of slag after welding, old paint, heavy rust or mill scale.

Brushes with standard crimped wire tend to be used when less aggressive cleaning is required and a higher grit finish on the product.

Always use stainless steel wire brushes if you are working on stainless to avoid un-wanted contamination on the material you are working on.

Wire Brushes for Angle Grinders

The two main types of wire brushes that are used in angle grinders are wire cup brushes, and wire wheel brushes. Wire cup brushes are ideal for working on large flat services. Wire wheel brushes are used on difficult to reach areas such as fillet and butt welds. These wire brushes also have a slight bevel in them, this makes them ideal for use with angle grinders.

Spindle Mounted Wire Brushes

These are generally used with small air powered die grinders or electric drills. It is extremely important from a safety perspective that the wire brush is designed to work with the rpm of the air or power tool that they are mounted onto.

Manual wire brushes for hand use

AES offer an extensive range of manual wire brushes in steel and stainless steel for a large range of metal cleaning applications including wooden handle wire brushes and small or mini wire brushes for more intricate and hard to reach areas.

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