Stud Welding

AES offer a vast range of welding studs all available online for quick and trouble free delivery all over the UK and Europe. Whether you are looking for Capacitor Discharge (CD) Welding Studs, or Drawn Arc (DA) Welding Studs, although there are many different types, which can be unclear, we have almost any variety and can assist you to find what is right for your application.

What is Stud Welding?

Simply stated, the process of "Stud Welding" is the fusing of a threaded or non threaded metal shaft or stud to a work piece with a high power electrical detonation, yielding a stronger bond than if it were forged or traditionally welded.

What is the best stud welding process for my application?

Download our free PDF on "Selecting the best Stud Welding Process" or read below.

The Capacitor Discharge "CD" Process:

  • The Capacitors are charged to a pre-set voltage to suit the diameter to be welded, The Stud Pip is placed into contact with the sheet
  • Upon triggering, the stored energy is discharged as a high current pulse, melting the pip and producing an arc.
  • Return spring pressure forges the stud into the molten surface area on the sheet to give complete fusion across the flange.

The Drawn Arc "DA" Process.

  • Current and weld time is pre-set to suit the diameter to be welded. The stud is then placed on the plate
  • Upon triggering, a pilot arc occurs as the stud lifts to a pre-set height.
  • The main arc then melts the weld end of the stud and creates a molten pool in the plate
  • Return Spring pressure forges the stud into the molten pool. The ferrule contains the molten metal and shapes the fillet.

The Short Cycle "SC" Process

  • This process is the same as for Drawn Arc (DA) but operates over a much shorter timer period- up to 100 milliseconds.
  • Ceramic Arc Shields are not required with this process but shrouding with gas can improve weld fillet formation especially when welding Stainless Steel Studs. Capacitor Discharge Studs may be used.

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