Stainless Steel Weld Cleaners

Why is an electrolytic brush to clean stainless steel welds more effective and safe to use?

The traditional method of using pickling pastes to clean stainless steel welds is very much becoming a thing of the past. Although still a very effective method of removing not only the heat tint oxide but also the chromium depleted layer below this on the weld, the process is far slower and more tedious, and the finish on the weld is inferior, leaving a slight residue and milky appearance. Pickling paste is inherently hazardous to the operator and those surrounding due to its components, hydrofluoric acid and nitric acid. These acids presents a severe toxic hazard in the vapour and skin contact form.

The stainless steel weld cleaners that we offer online use a combination of a unique power source which produces a low voltage yet high current electrical output through a conductive brush, which when used in conjunction with specific conductive liquids, very quickly removes these iron based oxides from stainless steel TIG welds leaving a very attractive bright finish on the stainless steel weld. The many advantages of this new process from a safety and performance perspective is proving very popular in the market place.

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