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Written Scheme of Examination is a legally binding document required by law before professionals operate a gas pressure system.

A Written Scheme checks

  • System operational settings that are safe to use
  • Components that require inspection
  • Type and regularity of mandatory assessment

Regardless of the age of your gas system, they’re always legible for a Written Scheme of Examination.

A written scheme ensures the user understands the limits of each gas pressure system to maintain a safe working environment.

Gas pressure systems must be kept in good working order. Each system should have a maintenance document or manual detailing required tasks to be carried out. It should consider the age of the system and equipment, as well as its usage and the surroundings.

AES Industrial Supplies' gas professionals provide Written Schemes of Examination under the Pressure Systems Safety Regulations 2000. A flat fee is charged per gas system plus an admin fee.

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What is a Written Scheme of Examination?

A Written Scheme of Examination is specifically a document containing information about individual gas pressure systems.

  • System components that will be evaluated
  • Scope of the examination
  • Level of work required for a safe examination
  • Type of any examination required before the system is initially utilised, if applicable
  • Greatest amount of time between exams
  • Crucial portions of the system that should be evaluated by a qualified person before the system is used again if altered
  • Date and full name of the qualified gas professional

The written scheme should specify the nature of the examination. This can range from an out-of-service assessment with the system stripped down to an in-service examination with the system functioning normally.

Some systems, such as firing equipment, may require both out-of-service and in-service inspections. If the written scheme calls for both an out-of-service and an in-service examination, the in-service examination shall be completed as soon as practically possible following the out-of-service test.

When internal inspection is difficult, the competent person may need to obtain assistance from the manufacturer/supplier on acceptable testing procedures.

What type of systems require a Written Scheme of Examination?

  • A compressed air receiver with the related piping, where the result of the pressure in bars multiplied by the receiver's internal capacity in litres equals or exceeds 250 bar litres
  • Steam sterilising autoclave, as well as the accompanying piping and safety devices
  • Steam boiler, as well as the necessary pipes and safety devices
  • Pressure cookers
  • Hydraulic accumulators that are gas-loaded
  • Vapour compression refrigeration systems with a power rating greater than 25 kW
  • Narrow-gauge steam locomotive
  • Sets of self-contained breathing device components (excluding the gas container)
  • Stationary LPG storage systems that provide fuel for workplace heating

What systems don’t require a Written Scheme of Examination?

  • Gas regulators, pressure gauges, hoses and torches for portable gas welding sets
  • Conventional gas welding sets: portable, twin cylinder, oxyacetylene and oxypropane for welding, cutting and burning
  • Any pipeline and its protection equipment whose pressure is less than 2 bar above atmospheric pressure
  • Portable fire extinguisher with an operating pressure of less than 25 bar at 60 °C and a total mass of less than 23 kg
  • Tyre fitted to a vehicle

What systems don’t require a Written Scheme of Examination?

  • Urns for office hot water
  • Compressed air systems use pneumatic cylinders
  • Handheld tools
  • Cooling systems for combustion engines
  • Portable compressed air receiver and pipework, where the product of the pressure in bars multiplied by the receiver's internal capacity in litres is less than 250 bar litres
  • Portable LPG cylinder

Who should carry out a Written Scheme of Examination?

Businesses are free to choose any competent individual to carry out written schemes, but they must take all reasonable means to guarantee that the person chosen has the required knowledge and experience.

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