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AES stock the widest range of metal inert gas welding guns available online today, choose from our extensive range of quality brands available at wholesale prices. We have a specific range that helps get you, the discerning purchaser, find the torches that you need for you or your collegues specific tasks.

Why buy MIG torches and torch parts from AES?

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  • Technical support from our welding torch specialists- over 30 years of experience

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What is MIG welding?

Metal inert gas welding uses a feed wire that constantly moves through the gun to create the spark, then melts to form the weld.

What is TIG welding?

Tungsten inert gas welding uses long rods to fuse two metals directly together.


They both use an electric arc to create the weld. The difference between the two is the way the arc is used.

TIG Advantages

Tungsten inert gas is required when detail and aesthetics are of major importance especially on smaller items and thinner metals and is best used when the beads are required to minimised in size. The electrode and filler metal are applied separately in tungsten inert gas providing more control of the gun when welding and the welder has more control of the temperature of the arc which can prevent damaging the metal. Tungsten inert gas welding is cleaner and more environmentally friendly as it produces less fumes, it can withstand high impact and high temperatures making it strong and robust.

MIG Advantages

Metal inert gas welding can be used to weld any thickness of metal whereas as tungsten inert gas is limited. Metal inert gas welding is a much quicker process of welding than tungsten inert gas and can be used for extended periods of time. Metal inert gas is less expensive than tungsten inert gas and metal inert gas parts are generally more available to purchase, plus, due to its speed, metal inert gas is cost-effective. Metal inert gas welding is much easier to learn and suited to beginners, it involves a trigger and a steady hand whereas tungsten inert gas welding is a much more specialized technique.

Equipment required for MIG torch welding

  • Gas tank
  • Welding gun
  • Ground clamp
  • Personal safety equipment
  • Electrode metal wiring

Equipment required for TIG torch welding

  • Tungsten electrode
  • Welding gun
  • Torch or electrode holder
  • Shielding gas
  • Filler metal rod
  • Personal safety equipment

TIG welding gun parts

  • Torch body/head
  • Collet body
  • Collet
  • Gas lens body
  • Ceramic cup
  • Tungsten welding electrodes
  • Back cap

MIG welding gun parts

  • Liner
  • Swan Neck
  • Neck liner
  • Nozzle/shroud
  • Contact tip

MIG torches - air cooled or water cooled?

Air cooled torches reach an amperage of 290 and 1.2mm of wire, whereas can reach a higher amperage of 450 and 1.6mm of wire.

MIG torch consumables setup

There are three main contact tips which are standard, heavy duty and silver plated. Out of the three options, silver plated has the highest life service and standard has the lowest. There are also three options of has nozzle/shroud which are conical, tapered, and cylindrical.

TIG torch consumables setup

There are two setups to choose from, gas lens and collet body. Gas lens is the optimal choice when an accurate or enhanced gas coverage is required for high quality integrity welding. Smaller work areas need clearer visibility of the weld pool, gas lens enables you to extend the tungsten stick-out. Collet body does not have as good gas coverage and there is also more gas turbulence.

Which MIG torch liner do I need?

This depends on how the torch is cooled, air or water, the temperature of the weld and whether the wire is soft or hard.

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