Welder Generators

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What is a welder generator?

They have an engine inside that produces electricity. The engine is powered by a fuel source, either diesel, petrol, or liquid propane (LPG). They can power TIG welders, MIG welders, grinders, plasma cutters, fume extraction systems as well as lights, tools, fans, and other equipment that requires electricity when there’s no available means of power supply. They are common and used by fabricators and metal workers, typically outdoors such as on construction sites but also indoors when the mains supply is not possible.

Welding processes

The most common is stick welding/shielded metal (SMAW), other machines will do TIG/gas tungsten (GTAW) as well. There’re some which will weld gas metal (GMAW) or flux cored (FCAW) using a MIG wire feeder.

AC or DC?

Direct current (DC) is preferred to alternating current (AC), the general assumption is that AC is cheaper than DC. AC is adequate for hobbyists whereas DC is more suited to professional welders plus it can weld different processes such as TIG, MIG and flux cored as well as any other equipment that needs electrical power including power tools and lights.


Always ensure that the machine you use can run the type of equipment you plan to power. For example, TIG welders aren’t compatible with all machines.


It’s important not to exceed the maximum output. Different machines will have varying levels of power output and exceeding this would be dangerous. The more watts/amps it can power, generally the more expensive it will be.


If your machine doesn’t require frequent transportation to different locations, a heavier machine would be appropriate as it can be hauled into a trailer, van, or truck.

However, if it will be moving from site to site and relocated manually by hand, a lighter machine fitted with wheels and a protective cage would be optimal for ease of use and preventing damage.

Enclosed and tube frame

Tube frames are smaller, lighter, much more easily portable and some will come with handles. Although enclosed machines are bigger and heavier, they are more durable as it’s parts and components are not open to the environment such as a tube frame that is more open to damage. Plus, it’s quieter as it’s enclosed and may have the added option of a wheel kit.

Factors to consider

  • Fuel required - LPG, petrol or diesel
  • Power type - AC or DC
  • Output range - the capacity of the welding machine in watts/amps
  • Application - the type of welding the machine supports
  • Weight - does it need to be portable
  • Duty cycle – a heavy duty machine is required when welding for extended periods of time

Which is Better? Petrol or Diesel: General Rule of Thumb

More affordable to buy Petrol
Lighter Petrol
Durability Diesel
More affordable to run Diesel

When it comes to cost, a petrol machine is typically cheaper to buy, and so is the fuel. Plus, its more easily portable due to its lighter weight. However, diesel is more economical and tend to be more durable.

Which is Better? Water Cooled or Air Cooled: General Rule of Thumb

Lighter Air cooled
Smaller Air cooled
Durability Water cooled
Higher duty cycle Water cooled

Although air cooled is more affordable, lighter, and more compact, water cooled machines are more powerful, have a longer life expectancy and can run for longer between welds. Whereas, air cooled is more suited to hobbyists.

Why purchase from AES?

  • We are offering you a very reliable machine at an excellent price
  • All Genset machines are covered by a 12 month warranty
  • 2/3 year finance deals at unbeatable rates

What to consider when purchasing?

The number one priority for any serious buyer is to thoroughly do their homework on what components the manufacturer is using, and where they are sourcing those components.

There are many manufacturers with powerful brand names, who in recent years are starting to source components from alternative cheaper sources. Genset is one of few quality manufacturers not making those changes.

They still use only use the highest quality engines in their complete range such as Honda for petrol engines, and a choice of the best diesel engines available on the market including Kubota, Perkins, Ruggerini and Lombardini. The same principle applies when using all the other components, that will mean the difference of whether your machine lasts 18 months or 20 years.

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