Welding Shelters

Welding Tents & Shelters

Welding Tents, otherwise known as Elephant Tents or Portable Welding Shelters, serve two main purposes:

  • To protect other's eyes from the Welding Arc, which of course can be very damaging. The welding shelter will block the light and mean that in a busy workplace with many others around, the user can weld without fear of adverse effects.
  • Also, a welding tent will stop wind (If the work is taking place outside or in an exposed area) from interrupting the welding process and and blowing away the essential inert gases. Without a shelter, they weld can be inconsistent and ineffective.

These tents also enable the worker to be separate from the rest of the workplace/site and enable a greater degree of concentration. All of our shelters are excellent quality, but your needs may vary and if you are unsure please contact us on the number below.

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