Welding Blankets

These are used for protection of the workpiece near the weld area and other components that are close from spatter and sparks generated - basically unwanted byproducts of the Weld Process.

What's the best Welding Blanket for my Needs

There's one main point to consider in choosing a Welding Blanket- what temperatues are going to be involved in the Welding Process. If you are only carrying out light duty mig welding and tig welding applications, with moderate levels of spatter, then we would strongly recommend a 600 Degrees Centigrade proof welding mat.

For High Amperage welding applications-Arc welding and high amperage Mig Welding, as well as cutting and gouging process where risk is higher, we would recommend a Welding Blanket that's capable for up to 1200 Degrees Centigrade.

Other Variables

  • The Size of the Welding Blanket- the best idea is to measure to estimate how much meterage you need
  • Whether the Blanket is classed as "Heavy Duty" or not- this depends on how intense the activity will be that you're working on.
  • A thicker or more heavy duty blanket will of course be larger/heaver and hence may be slightly harder to store.
  • Some Blankets are composed of "Silica Fabric" and some of "Black Fibreglass" which have differing looks and properties- call us if you are unsure of any of these factors.

All of our Welding Blankets retain their flexibility after exposure to heat and of course are Inherently non flammable & Aspestos free. (As required by current Regulation)

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