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It is critical that the product you buy conforms to BS EN 1598:1998 or BS EN ISO 25980:2014. Health and safety standards for transparent welding strips and bays to be utilised for shielding work areas from their surroundings when arc welding methods are used. They are intended to shield persons who are not participating in the welding process from potentially harmful radiation emissions from welding arcs and splatter..

This standard establishes the safety criteria for transparent strip curtains and protective screens used to separate welding processes from their surroundings in workplaces.

What are welding screens used for?

They are barriers meant to shield onlookers from molten metal, high temperatures, flames, radiant emissions, UV rays, noise, and odours emitted by welding arcs and spatter. They are not meant to be used in place of welding filters. Appropriate welding filters for intentional viewing of welding arcs from a distance of less than two meters are specified in EN 169. They are an important product that is required for health and safety and they are suitable for MIG/TIG/MMA, grinding, brazing and general safety of welders and surrounding personnel.

Benefits of a welding curtain?

Flexibility They are lightweight and portable, and can be quickly constructed to isolate small or large regions
Safety Welding generates brilliant sparks and metal splatter that are harmful to anybody in the area of the welder; drapes shield everyone from these hazards
Noise Reduction They form a barrier, minimising the possibility of noise annoyance and possibly hearing harm to others

What is a welding bay?

Welding bays are a collection of covered welding booths, rooms, or areas divided by specialised shielding curtains. They form semi-transparent barriers between welders, shielding onlookers from risks such as high temperatures, fires, radiant emissions, UV radiation, noise, and odours created by welding arcs and spatter.

When should I use welding curtains?

The goal is to shield bystanders and adjacent employees who are not participating in the operation from the welding arc light and UV levels. Where other people are likely to be nearby, there should be safeguards in place to keep them from being impacted by the light. This protection is generally provided to ensure that work may be done as efficiently as possible without interfering with others on the job site or in the workshop.

High quality welding screens are

  • Flame resistance
  • High R-Value
  • Resistant to harsh chemicals
  • Resistant to mildew
  • Resistant to heat damage
  • High tear and tensile strength
  • Cold crack resistance

Are welding screens affordable?

Installing permanent barriers for welding purposes is not always feasible, economical, or practical. Welding strips and bays are an efficient option because they are cost-effective, portable, lightweight, and comply with requirements such as HSE, allowing workplaces to rearrange welding bays on-demand while being within the law.

What is needed in a welding screen or curtain?

  • They must be as rugged as possible and fit your working conditions
  • Have reinforced hems so that they do not tear
  • Has eyelets so that it can be moved aside
  • Ideally it should be DIN EN ISO 25980 certified

What are welding screens and welding curtains made of?

They are composed of PVC (strong polyvinyl chloride), are flame retardant to deflect welding and grinding sparks, and absorb damaging UV radiation to protect those nearby the welder.

PVC welding curtains and screens

PVC has several advantages over flame retardant canvas, including its low cost, simplicity of cleaning, lightweight nature, and convenience of installation. PVC is semi-transparent, as opposed to non-transparent, which means that people can see if a welder is behind the strips or bay. PVC filters UV radiation, reflections, and blue light, which is advantageous since it protects individuals who are in close proximity to the welder and may be exposed to the harmful rays. PVC also protects against grinding sparks since it deflects them without causing harm. If it catches fire, it must self-extinguish after the material is removed from the heat source.

Welding screen hazards

Failure to utilise appropriate welding bays and strips on site can result in accidents such as flash burns if people around are not protected while welding and grinding, leading to an unsafe practises complaint. Those in the vicinity might be other fabricators, co-workers who do not weld, or members of the general public. They may also keep welding supplies and costly equipment safe.

Welding curtain colour

They should be coloured sufficiently to exclude dangerous light, and different colours absorb varying quantities of radiation, which is why welding strips are red, green, orange, and yellow to meet British Standard ISO 25980. Furthermore, all colours must give at least 90% protection from hazardous radiation.

What is the difference between welding curtain colours?

Yellow Most suited to low to medium amperage welding situations. It also makes the work area more visible, which is beneficial in bigger facilities
Orange & Red These reflect more light and are ideal for a facility that employs medium amperage welding operations
Blue The dark colour shields eyes by filtering a lot of UV radiation, making it ideal for medium to high protection welding conditions
Dark Green Optimal in high-risk environments, such as facilities that employ plasma cutting and laser welding. Green offers very little visibility and filters virtually all UV radiation

Parts of a welding screen or welding curtain

They consist of a metal frame, flame retardant canvas or PVC strip curtains/screen, wheels for portability, and metal rings that connect the metal frame to the desired material.

Types of PVC welding screens & welding curtains?

  • Polar PVC
  • Buffer Ribbed PVC
  • Clear PVC
  • Marker PVC

What is arc eye?

A burst of light from a welding torch can be enough to induce arc eye if welding strips and bays do not adequately protect people nearby. Arc eye happens when a bright flash of light, such as an ultraviolet ray, burns the cornea. Arc eye is usually only transitory, although it can cause light sensitivity, tears, and discomfort. However, the cornea usually heals itself within a few days. For symptoms such as impaired vision, intense discomfort, or glare, seek medical attention.

Are clear/transparent welding curtains acceptable? EN 1598 Standard

Flame retardant and thick canvas screens are typical, but our clients like to be able to see if someone is welding inside. As a result, many of the strips and bays are built of'semi-transparent' plastic. These semi-transparent screens allow you to see enough to know someone is welding while filtering out the hazardous components of the light. If there is no need to see the person welding in between welding bays, choose darker or opaque materials, which are generally less expensive, although both may be obtained from this website.

They should meet or exceed the British Standard (BS EN 1598), or at the very least provide the same level of protection. This may be referred to as "EN 1598" by certain vendors. The Standard does not define a specific colour, but it does demand certain levels of performance. This implies that appropriate items may be offered in a variety of colours and 'darkness' degrees.

They do provide some protection, but at the moment, the Health and Safety Executive is not aware of any transparent welding strips or bays that correspond to the BS EN 1598 standard, so it is critical to be educated about this, but do give us a call if you want to learn more. In this scenario, transparent displays, such as the green tinted screens seen above, may be an excellent choice.

Welding bays and strips must be appropriate for the type of work being done as well as the volume or intensity of the weld. If you have any doubts, please contact us!

Welding curtain material

The goal is to produce a safe, long-lasting, and cost-effective barrier against welding arc flashes and sparks. The strips are constructed of PVC, are coloured, are combustible, and are not damaged much by welding sparks.

Benefits ✅

🛡️ Enhanced Safety: Protects against molten metal, high temperatures, flames, UV rays, noise, and odors.

💪 Durable and Reliable: Made with high-quality materials for long-lasting performance.

🔒 Easy Installation: Quick and hassle-free setup for immediate use.

📐 Versatile Applications: Suitable for MIG/TIG/MMA welding, grinding, brazing, and general safety purposes.

🌬️ Noise Reduction: Minimizes noise annoyance for a more comfortable working environment.

🚀 Portable and Lightweight: Easy to transport and maneuver as per your requirements.

💼 Cost-Effective Solution: Offers value for money with competitive pricing.

🔥 Flame Retardant: Provides added protection against fire hazards.

💯 Compliance with Standards: Conforms to industry regulations for optimal safety.

🌟 Expert Support: Access to technical helpline for advice and guidance.

🚚 Fast and Reliable Delivery: Timely shipping to ensure prompt receipt of your order.

👍 Trusted Supplier: AES Industrial Supplies has a solid reputation for quality products.

💡 Elevate Your Welding: Enhance your welding operations with top-quality curtains.

For further advice or guidelines for usage, please dial our technical helpline for free on 0800 975 9710

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