TIG Welding Machine

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Important Features of a TIG Welder

  • Precise control of welding amperage with a high range
  • A stable arc at a low amperage
  • A recognised manufacturer with a good warranty, such as Masterweld or Miller.
  • AC/DC process option is very useful for weldings differing metals that aren't steel. Varying metals will require different treatment.

TIG Welding Machines are what many would describe as the ultimate in welding technology. TIG Welding, also know as Gas tungsten Arc Welding (GTAW) is skilled and makes the highest quality welds. It is commonly used with high performance applications such as the automotive racing industry and aerospace. A TIG weld is generally regarded as superior to MIG. TIG welding is much slower and takes considerably more time and effort.

The TIG Welding Process

The TIG Welding process is similar to the Arc Welding Process, it uses a non-consumable electrode (Generally Tungsten) that delivers the current to form the welding arc. The weld pool and electrode are covered and cooled by an inert gas to reduce contamination of the weld and to make that it is as strong as possible. Usually an air-cooled torch will be used. The filler rod is hand fed into the molten pool that makes up the work. Although TIG welding is slower than MIG welding but does result in a stronger product that is regarded as the best for top end applications.

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