Sandvik Stainless Steel Flux Cored Wires

Sandvik range of stainless steel flux cored wires are among the most widely respected welding products worldwide for their consistency and quality in the most demanding welding applications on stainless steel.

Sandvik stainless steel flux cored wires are extremely versatile and user friendly, offering a unique welding deposit on stainless steels and unbeatable mechanicals compared to competitors wires.

Sandvik flux core wires are the next generation of fluxed welding consumables replacing the old method of arc welding electrodes.

If you are still currently using stainless steel manual metal arc electrodes, then it is time for you to consider the all-round superiority of stainless flux cored wires, offering a considerably is a faster and versatile welding method, which is an important complement to other welding processes.

The perfect welding deposit is a combination of the metal sheath and the flux ingredients which are both closely monitored for size and chemical composition during production.

The tight controls during manufacture yield a flux cored wire with an extremely stable arc, welds with a minimum of spatter, very easy slag removal, and a weld that has smooth transition to the base material.

Sandvik stainless steel flux cored wires have predominantly rutile characteristics, providing high productivity with a minimum of repair work.

These developed flux cored wires have been adapted perfectly to match the base materials, and designed for the optimum corrosion resistance and mechanical properties.

These flux cored wires are very easy welding and consistently ensure the desired welding properties with excellent resistance to hot cracking.

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