Fume Extraction, Welding PPE & Welding Safety

Safety & Fume Extraction

Fume Extraction, Safety, PPE & HSE

We sell an extensive range of CE approved welding PPE, specially developed and designed to provide the required level of protection for all welding applications.

Health and safety equipment protects workers from common welding injuries including welding fume inhalation and infrared and ultraviolet exposure.

Fume Extraction & Welding HSE

What is a fume extractor and how does it work? A fume extractor is a system that utilises a fan using negative draft to pull fumes and dust particles into a contained filtration system. This process removes hazardous chemicals and particles from the air.

What is the benefit of welding fume extraction? Welding fume extractors contribute to a safe welding environment involving the removal of welding fumes, providing a clean and circulated airflow, protecting workers from ill health.

All welding fumes cause risk to health. Thus, the Health & Safety Executiverequire by law the protection of welders by controlling welding fumes and preventing risk to health. This applies to specialist welders and workers who do a small amount of welding. For more information regarding HSE rules and regulations on fume extraction, click here.

Welding PPE & Welding Safety

Welding screens and curtains are used to create a barrier that can withstand extreme heat and light reducing risk to those within close proximity.

Air fed welding masks/helmets are regular welding helmets with a respirator built-in which circulates clean and filtered air to the user, protecting them harmful welding fumes and gases.

Air fed welding masks or welding helmets? Welding helmets were previously more common as they are much more affordable than air fed welding masks with respirators built in. However, due to health and safety regulations introduced by the Health and Safety Executive, it is now a requirement that workers wear full protection/PPE to prevent health risks, meaning air fed welding masks are now more common.

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