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It is a legal requirement to ensure that gas equipment used in the workplace is maintained under the Pressure Systems Safety Regulations, detailed in the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974, equipment should be “suitable”, “maintained” and “inspected”.

The overall intentions of the PSSR is to “prevent serious injury from the hazard of stored energy, as a result of the failure of a pressure system or one of its component parts.”

We provide professional gas equipment safety inspections to organisations and businesses falling under BCGA Code of Practice 7, 39 & 47 in the south of England.

Gas equipment inspection safety checks are required to be carried out by those with sufficient training and qualifications in the use of gas equipment.

Proficiency in the theory and practical experience of the functioning of the equipment along with a thorough understanding the properties of the gases in use, is imperative to be able to assess the condition of the equipment, identify defects and hazards that may occur or be present.

CP7 Gas Inspection

Our service engineers are members of the PGS Gas Professional Community and hold a current PGS Passport Card and a Level 3 qualification in mobile oxy-fuel equipment inspection (CP7 & CP47) and in accordance with HSE INDG certification. You can find us listed on the official website.

In order to carry out these inspections safely, all inspectors must be suitably trained to enable them to work safely without risk to the health and safety of both themselves and others. Inspectors who are in possession of a current PGS passport card have undertaken this training.

AES Industrial Supplies Ltd offer our customers a very quick and easy method to avoid the pitfalls associated with gas safety, and comply with the PGS Gas Professional Community by providing you with a full on-site gas equipment safety check performed by our professionally trained gas equipment inspectors.

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Service Areas

AES can offer a quick turnaround for all your gas inspection requirements, primarily in Oxfordshire, Berkshire, Buckinghamshire, Hampshire and Wiltshire.


To find out if we can deliver on your requirements, and whether we can cover you if situated outside the listed service areas, please get in touch using the contact details below.

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