Welding Cable

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These are very flexible cables which do not spread flames, multipurpose with copper conductor, oil and acid resistant.

  • Operating temperature: 70 °C on conductor if they are installed in ordinary environment, 50 °C on conductor if they are installed in fire risk environment
  • Short-circuit temperature: 150 °C
  • Type of use: Cables for installation in lighting devices, in the industry, electrical appliances, electrical cabinets
  • Suitable for laying in underground pipes

What Size Welding Cable Do I Need?

Choosing the right welding cable will depend upon the number of amps that you use. The more amps, the larger the welding cable should be. But there are two other factors that should be considered, these are temperature ratings and length. All three factors determine the volume of current that can be safely passed through a cable. For example, a shorter length cable can carry more power than a longer length if the diameters are the same size.

Choosing the right size cable can be safer and cost-effective. A cable that is too large will cost more to run as it has more copper strands. A cable that is too small is likely to overheat and is a potential fire hazard.

To know exactly which cable you require, you need to know the maximum amps you will be using and the capacity rating. Please refer to your planned appliance of use to find the maximum amps and capacity rating. You will of course need to know the length of the cable as well.

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