3M Sanding Discs

Choose the performance level that fits your needs with a complete offering of 3M™ Sanding Discs from AES- Get great performance at a great price with 3M's general purpose aluminium oxide metalworking discs. Or, set a new standard for productivity with 3M™ Cubitron™ II Sanding discs.

What product in the 3M Abrasives Range is right for me?

3M have a wide range and we appreciate that it can be confusing and unclear, especially when moving from other, inferior discs, what product to use. Below are our main recommendations from our Technical Department.

For Stainless Steel

The Cubitron ll 987C Fibre Disc is specialised for Stainless Steel and is very high quality, but carries the price tag to match! However, Customers that use 3M discs do generally find that it is simply the best for this kind of material

For Mild Steel

We recommend the Cubitron II 985C for mild steel - this has various features adapted around mild steel. We have found that this disc is very popular once users start with it.

For All Round Value

The 3M 581C Fibre Disc is the best disk for all round usage and multiple materials. It does an excellent job at many applications and we find that 3M customers use this as their "standard" disc.

Why 3M Sanding Discs?

3M is known internationally for its continuous application of new technology to existing products and also its relentless innovation. Hence the slogan "Science Applied to Life". This ethos is applied to 3M's Sanding Discs, which have demonstrated consistent quality improvement, longer life times, and more efficient operation.

This all comes down to saving you, as the user, time and money, and generally making for a far easier task. We are very happy to stock these products, as the 3M Fibre Disc range is requested often by our new and existing customers as our business grows. They find that when their users start using the varied 3M Range, they immediately see the benefits, and save costs to boot.

About 3M™ Cubitron™ II

Cubitron II abrasives are comprised of precisely-shaped, uniformly-sized and vertically-oriented triangles of ceramic aluminium oxide. These self-sharpening triangles are designed to fracture as they wear, continuously forming new, supersharp points and edges that slice cleanly through the metal like a knife, instead of gouging or plowing. This prevents heat from building up in the workpiece – reducing heat-related stress cracks and discolouration. And, because the abrasive itself stays cooler and sharper, it lasts up to four times as long as competitors!

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