Globe Flexcellence Fibre Sanding Discs

Sanding Discs Fibre Globe Flexcellence

Globe Flexcellence - Much more than just a fibre disc.

Globe Flexcellence is the innovative semi-flexible depressed centre fibre sanding disc to be installed without backing pad, and designed by GLOBE to obtain a more PRECISE, FASTER and COMFORTABLE grinding of:

  • welding seams

  • sharp edges

  • flat, curved, convex and concave surfaces

  • removal of imperfections


The calibrated flexibility of Globe Flexcellence offers extremely precise finishing compared to standard grinding wheels and to work exactly where is needed without affecting the surounding areas.


Working speed: the formulation with ceramic abrasive grains together with special cooling fillers allows an extreme removal speed preventing the overheating and the pitting of the working piece. Easy installation: the integrated support avoids the inconvenience to apply the traditional backing pad; the installation of Globe Flexcellence is as fast as a standard wheel or a flap disc.


To get the best from Flexcellence, it should be used at 10-15° angle with the working surface and with the proper installation kit, while the special shock absorbing internal layer reduces the vibrations and noise and allows a more comfortable use.

Flexcellence is available in diameters 115, 125 and 180, and is suitable to work on iron, steel and stainless steel ( Fe, Cl, S < 0,1%).

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