Welding Fume Extraction

Welding Fume Extraction & Portable Fume Extraction

Have you considered the danger of welding fumes in your workplace? We offer a complete solution to the removal of welding fumes in every environment with our comprehensive range of equipment.

We provide specialist equipment for each process, from dealing with MIG welding fumes with torch extraction and portable units for mobile welding applications to offering a complete installation package for multi-user fume exhaust systems.

Our products are CE approved and manufactured in Europe to the latest European standards and are second to none in build quality and reliability.

We offer the full technical support that you require to deal with any welding fumes, call us free to discuss your requirements on 0800 975 9710.

Why is a welding fume extractor needed?

The fumes and smoke generated during the welding process contain hazardous metal particulate and this must be taken care of to ensure the welders's safety. Ventilation and extraction are key as the particulate can settle (having previously been in the air) on the work area, clothing, electronics etc. creating additional work and health & safety issues.

Main points to consider when purchasing a welding fume extractor?

  • Ensure the capacity of the unit is powerful enough. For example, an operating flow rate of 1480 M3/hr is more than adequate to remove fumes at source.

  • Ensure the filter is adequate. Many manufacturers use less efficient filters to minimise cost. An advanced E12 Hepa filter removes 99.5% of fumes.

  • Avoid MDF Hepa filters. Many well known brands are surprisingly still using these out-dated Hepa filters. This is because they are cheap to manufacture. However, their tendency to burn very easily has caused serious safety issues in the workplace.

  • Check the cost of replacement filters. Low priced extractors usually have over-priced replacement filters.

  • Always choose an aluminium cleanable pre-filter. These pre-filters are much more economical to run than pre-filter mats.

  • Above all, make sure your equipment is CE approved and conforms to the latest European standards. The final filtration efficiency should meet the standard, EN779.

To discuss the above points in detail or to find out which equipment will suit your needs, call free on 0800 975 9710.

How does a welding fume extractor work?

Welding and grinding can create harmful fumes and gases, a fan within a welding fume extractor draws out those fumes into a cleaning system, eliminating harmful gases and preventing inhalation.

What are the different types of Welding Fume Extractors?
  • Portable Welding Fume Extractors

  • On-Torch Welding Fume Extraction Packages

  • Mobile Welding Fume Extractors

  • Wall Mounted Welding Fume Extraction

  • IperJet Multi-User Welding Fume Extraction Systems

  • Downdraft Benches for Welding Fumes

  • Welding Fume Extraction for Robotic Applications

  • Welding Fume Extraction Systems for Colleges & Training Centres

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