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MW9000 Portable Welding Fume Extractor Packages with On-Torch Fume Extraction

FumeX On-Torch Fume Extraction


Unique neck design resulting in extremely efficient fume removal

MW9000 Auto Stop Start & Filter Replacement Warning


Automatic start stop & filter replacement warning light

MW9000 M Class Filtration


Easy disposal of metal particulate from the welding fume

MW9000 Variable Extraction Flow Control


Variable extraction control for different welding applications

MW9000 FumeX F-300 On-Torch Fume Extraction

The MasterWeld MW9000 on-torch welding fume extraction package with a FumeX welding torch offers the complete solution to extraction of welding fumes at source. Suitable for light to medium fabrications due to the combination of a powerful yet portable welding fume extractor with a unique welding torch design.

The FumeX range of welding torches with on-torch extraction have been designed from the ground up as a MIG torch with on-torch extraction, not an existing product with extraction added at later date.

MW9000 Features

90% of welding fumes extracted at source

Filter replacement warning light

Detachable bin allows for easy disposal of metal particulate

Supplied with Euro connection, will fit most MIG welding machines

Conforms to 2006/42/EC, 14/30/EU, EN ISO 3744 and EN 603335-2-69

Automatic extraction delay - continues extracting for a calculated period of time to remove any remaining fumes after welding

Variable extraction control for different welding applications

Heavy duty torch consumables, suitable for up to 300 Amps

Choice of cartridge filters depending on welding application

On-Torch Fume Extraction
CE Approved

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