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MasterWeld MWF Centralized On-Torch Welding Fume Extraction Systems

The MasterWeld MWF range of powerful three phase welding fume extraction systems have been specially engineered for multi-point on torch fume extraction installations. This advanced on-torch welding fume extraction system, along with an easy to install high vacuum piping solution, includes packages ranging from 3 torches, up to a 20 torch centralized system.

Which Centralized On-Torch Welding Fume Extraction System do I need?

It is critical when looking at your on-torch extraction requirements that you seek expert advice. Our highly trained engineers can offer you all the support you need, with initial site visit if required right through to final installation.

Which centralized system you require will totally depend factors such as;

  • Your MIG welding process, and associated level of fume generated.
  • The material you are welding, whether it be mild steel, stainless steels etc.
  • Whether or not you are using flux cored wires.
  • The thickness of material you are welding, and consequent amperage levels.
  • Your factory layout, thus determining the distance between on-torch welding outlets.
  • Finally, and most importantly, your pressure loss calculations.

What is the best flow rate for successful on-torch extraction?

This is a very critical question. It is very important that the fumes are successfully removed at source, but without effecting the shielding gas in any way. We recommend a minimum flow of 42 to 45 m3/hour in the MIG torch nozzle (700 to 750 l/min) for most MIG welding applications. However this may vary considerably depending on the welding application, and what restrictions are in place around the weld. Too much restriction (often the case when welding into a corner) leads to the shielding gas having nowhere to go, and consequently porosity in the welds.

It is very important with centralized systems, that the flow rate is controlled between outlet points, so that the correct flow rate is available at each outlet point. The MasterWeld MWF range offers all the flow rate adjustment you need between each torch, enabling this to function successfully, however many torches are being used at one time.

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