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MW9100 Twin Motor Portable Welding Fume Extraction Packages with On-Torch Fume Extraction

FumeX On-Torch Fume Extraction


Unique neck design resulting in extremely efficient fume removal

MW9100 Collection Bin


Detachable bin allows for easy disposal of metal particulate

MW9100 Cartridge Filter


Easy disposal of metal particulate from the welding fume

MW9100 Twin Motor & Max Clean Filter System


Twin motor unit with maximum airflow (m³/h 380) combined with Max Clean filter system

MW9100 Twin Motor FumeX F-400 On-Torch Fume Extraction

The MasterWeld MW9100 Twin Motor on-torch extraction package offers a unique solution to your welding fume extraction requirements. Offering all the benefits of FumeX welding torch technology, combined with a very powerful yet portable welding fume extraction unit. This package is suitable for medium to heavy fabrication applications.

The twin motor head offers up to 380 m3/hour maximum air flow and is more than capable of running up to two torches simultaneously. Max-Clean auto filter cleaning system and a unique automatic stop start feature which only switches on when welding, extending the filter life.

The FumeX range of welding torches with on-torch extraction have been designed from the ground up as a MIG torch with on-torch extraction, not an existing product with extraction added at later date.

MW9100 Features

Lightweight, compact, high duty cycle (400 Amps @60% with CO2, 40% with Ar/CO2 mix)

Very slim torch design, excellent for tight spaces

Large choice of torch configurations for different welding applications

Powerful twin motor unit (Maximum air flow m³/h 380)

Suitable for medium to heavy fabrication

90% removal of welding fumes at source

Automatic remote stop start control (unit only switches on only when welding)

Extraction delay timer (unit continues running for short period after welding to ensure all welding fume is removed)

Max-Clean filter cleaning system

Detachable bin allows for easy disposal of metal particulate

On-Torch Extraction
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