Welding Gloves

Technical advice on purchasing welding gloves

Choosing the right welding gloves for the welding task in-hand is extremely important considering the health and safety implications when carrying out any form of welding. Points to consider when choosing the right Welding Glove for your application.

  • Firstly from a health and safety point of view, we strongly advise wearing welding gloves when carrying out any form of welding, do not ever weld with bare hands. If you are MIG or Arc welding, protection from spatter is of utmost importance, however even if you are TIG welding at low amperage, you must protect your hands from the harmful UV rays that burn the skin.

  • The second most important consideration when buy Welding Gloves is the welding process, and which Welding Glove would be suitable for that Welding process. MIG Welding Gloves are suitable for Arc Welding as well as MIG welding, and protect the hand primarily from Spatter, which can be very painful when landing on the skin. MIG Welding gloves tend to have a longer cuff, this is designed to protect the welder from getting spatter down the arm. MIG Welding gloves are also more heat resistant, and so can cope with higher amperage welding applications generally used on heavy fabrication.

  • Quality stitching on Welding Gloves is of utmost importance. Kevlar is a favourite material often used on Welding Gloves, as it has a much higher resistance to spatter. Twaron stitching is also becoming popular on higher end quality Welding Gloves.

  • Dexterity is very important when buy Welding Gloves for more delicate applications, like TIG welding of thin materials like stainless steels for example. Welding gloves for TIG welding are often manufactured from Leather from PIG or Goat Skin. Both of these leathers are popular for TIG welding as they offer high dexterity, yet excellent heat resistance.

  • Welding Gloves are now available with an Aluminized back to reflect radiant heat from the welding process, these are ideal for high amperage welding applications.

  • Overall comfort is extremely important. Quality Welding Gloves have a high quality cotton lining which is extremely comfortable when welding for long periods of time.

If you would like any further technical advice on Welding Gloves, please call us free on 0800 975 9710.

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