Elettro Plasma Cutter with Quick-Fit Torch & Built-In Compressor

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The Plasma 57 is a three-phase inverter plasma cutter with an advanced built-in compressor system offering a powerful yet efficient solution to your metal cutting requirements without the need of an external compressed air supply. Its compact and lightweight design means it is particularly suitable for on-site jobs and external maintenance.

Price includes a 4 metre plasma cutting torch with a quick-fit connection and a ground cable.

The recommended cutting thickness on steel is from 13mm to 20mm depending on speed. The separation thickness is 25mm.

The lack of High-Frequency start makes it possible to work next to computers, medical equipment, instruments and any other electronic devices sensitive to high frequency emissions.

It can be connected to motor-driven generators of adequate power.

  • Pilot Arc to cut painted or coated metals
  • Post-gas function
  • Safety systems on the torch
  • The built-in air compressor (maintenance free self-lubricating double piston) assuring the operator total work independence and ease of use, since it does not require air adjustment
  • Ultra Cut Capacity technology to improve the cutting capacities on high thicknesses
  • Innovative Thin Cut technology that allows to obtain cuts of superior quality and reduced kerf (amount of removed material).
  • Hyper Speed Cut technology enhancing the cutting speed
  • Multi Piercing technology: possibility of piercing on high thickness in a shorter time and with less wear of consumables
  • Extra Life technology and Low Pilot Arc technology that increases performances and duration of consumables
  • Microprocessor-controlled cutting parameters and functions
  • Safety systems on the torch
  • Its standard equipment includes a 4 meter-long hand torch and a grounding cable

Features Include

  • Low Pilot Arc
  • Innovative Thin Cut
  • Ultra Cut Capacity
  • Hyper Speed Cut
  • Multi Piercing
  • Extra Life
  • Cartridge Spring

Technical Data

Code P00472
Input Voltage 3x400V 50-60HZ
Absorbed power 35% 7,5 kVA - 60% 5,6 kVA - 100% 4,3 kVA
Cutting current 10 ÷ 50 A
Duty cycle – 10 MIN CYCLE ACCORDING TO EN 60974-1 35% 50A - 60% 35A - 100% 25A
Cut thickness on steel 13mm - 20mm
Max separation cut 25mm
Protection class IP 23
Construction standards EN60974 – 1 / EN60974 – 7 / EN60974 – 10
Width 270mm
Length 440mm
Height 570mm
Weight 25kg

Low Pilot Arc Technology

A special shape of the plasma chamber, together with an innovative power source and an ignition system without high frequency allow the pilot arc to be kept on longer and with current reduced by over 60%, compared to previous torches. This condition preserves good operation and duration of consumables, doubling their life.

Innovative Thin Cut Technology

The new cutting technology of these new torches makes it possible to maintain a narrower, longer and straighter arc compared to P70 or P150 torches. This technology affords higher quality cutting with reduced Kerf (amount of removed material).

Hyper Speed Cut Technology

The new shape of the cutting arc generated by the new torches is conducive to reaching cutting speeds over 100% higher than those obtained in the past, also significantly reducing the formation of burrs.

Ultra Cut Capacity Technology

The ongoing development of cutting parameters, coupled to new generation torches, translate into cutting over 50% thicker plates, optimising cut finish, compared to the previous range of torches.

Multi Piercing Technology

The high density of the new plasma arc allows very thick plates to be pierced through in a shorter time, assuring greater productivity together with less wear of consumables.

Extra Life Technology

A new redistribution of torch air flows coupled to the use of state-of-the-art construction materials allow consumables to offer doubled performance and duration compared to previous torches.

Gouging Function

Suitable for plasma gouging.

Gouging Function

Reduces the internal moving parts of the torches, increasing their reliability over time.

Identifies power sources that feature one or more solutions that we have adopted to achieve the goals of energy savings and low environmental impact. They include, among others, the function "Energy Saver" that only switches on fans and/or cooling liquid pumps if necessary, the reduction in electromagnetic emissions, deriving from the use of torches with ignition without high frequency, and the development of power sources with low power consumption.

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