Arc Welding Machines

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Arc Welding (Commonly known as MMA Welding or Manual Metal Arc Welding) is one of the most common forms of welding and is important for a large amount of applications, be it Industrial, Automotive, or hobbyist applications.

The process of Arc Welding is as follows:

  • An electrical current generated by an Arc Welder is used to strike an arc between the base material and the electrode rod. The Arc Welding Machine must be suitable for the job in terms of Amperage and Duty cycle to maintain the arc
  • The rod is composed of material that must be compatible with the base metal being welded and is covered with what is termed as a flux. This flux fills two roles- it generates vapours that act as a shielding gas to protect the work from atmospheric contamination. The layer of slag with is also given off serves a similar purpose.

Arc Welding is very popular because of it's ease of use and wide applications, 1 Stop Welding Shop offer a wide range of Arc Welding Machines at different price points and for different uses.

Arc Welding Machine /Arc Welders- what to look for

Arc Welder Duty Cycle - this factor is very important to check as it can directly impact how much welding you can get done in a given time, and can be easily overlooked by those newer to the profession.

Put simply, Duty Cycle in the context of a Arc Welding Machines is defined by the number of minutes, within a 10-minute period (Occasionally cheap machines may use 5 minutes in order to inflate their specifications, avoid these), during which the arc welder can safely be used. For example, a welder with a 50% duty cycle must be "rested"/not used for at least 5 minutes after 5 minutes of continual welding.

Cheaper machines from Far Eastern Manufactures often have a low percentage duty cycle (As low as 25%, sometimes around 40%) and these may be inappropriate for limited tasks but are often inefficient and low quality also. A good quality professional grade or industrial welder may have a duty cycle of 100% - higher percentages are always better. These machines do come with higher pricing.

Place of Manufacturer- A good rule of thumb in purchasing a Arc Welder is where it is manufactured. A European or UK made unit is almost always superior to one made in China. This isn't always the case for some applications, particularly when the use is sporadic and cost is very important, but generally it is better to have a higher upfront cost so that the machine lasts longer and does better welds.

It's important that you find place of manufacturer, not place of assembly as appearances can be deceptive

Arc Welding Machines for Different Purposes

Below is a list of Arc Welding Machines or Bundles that we at can recommend to be competitive and good quality products that will fit your need.

  • Automotive
  • Industrial
  • Hobbyist
  • Specialist

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