Welding Gas Regulators

MIG Welding Regulators

The Wescol MIG regulator is compact and robust and is ideal for gas shielding of all MIG welding applications, providing a consistent and accurate gas flow across the life of the cylinder to limit gas wastage.

Benefits of using Wescol MIG Welding Regulators

  • Third Party approved Class 10 accuracy to ISO 2503.
  • Available for use with a wide range of industrial and technical welding gases.
  • Sensitive diaphragm provides class-leading surge for single stage regulators limiting gas wastage and extending the life of solenoid valves
  • Weld quality is improved over competitor’s product due to precision engineering.
  • Precision flow paths reduce gas turbulence leading to consistent shielding of the MIG welding process.

TIG Welding Regulators

Having the same features as the MIG welding regulator, the single flowmeter variant is ideally suited for precision MIG or TIG welding with 0-14 ltr/min, and 0-30 ltr/min option providing the required resolution for precision TIG welding applications. The twin flowmeter variant allows two operators to weld simultaneously from one cylinder or allows welding and back-purging from a single cylinder which is of particular importance when TIG welding stainless steel pipework. The output remains stable regardless of the demand on each flowmeter.

What type of Argon regulator do I need for my welding process?

MIG welding gases tend to have different levels of C02 in Argon usually ranging between 5% and 20% depending on the thickness of mild steel being welded. Some welding machine manufacturers have recently written new synergic MIG welding programmes around using a 2% or 2.5% C02 in Argon for the welding of stainless steel. For all these applications an Argon regulator is suitable.

The one gauge option (gas cylinder pressure only) is usually used in combination with an Argon Flow meter to give flow rate visibility.

Check the options for the regulator type that you require. Depending on what gas supplier being used will mean you either need side entry or bottom entry. Air products regulators are normally side entry and use a Nevoc fitting.

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