PNM-E Long-Series Propane Cutting Nozzles

Flow-cut PNM-E Long-Series cutting nozzles are of a two piece design made up of a brass inner nozzle with splines and a hollow drawn copper outer sheath. The reason that PNM’s differ from ANM is that different gas mixing criteria apply. Oxy-propane has a lower burning velocity than oxy-acetylene and this requires two things to develop good flame conditions. First, turbulence must be created between the inner and outer parts of the nozzle to obtain adequate mixing of the propane and oxygen. Secondly, the volume of mixed oxy-propane needs to be more than double that of oxy-acetylene for the same usable heat. This is achieved by having very large channels (the splines) to conduct the greater gas volumes.

What size nozzle do I need? Please see below the cutting capacity of each nozzle;

  • W.1050-L (Size 1/32") - Cutting capacity: 3-6mm
  • W.1051-L (Size 3/64") - Cutting capacity: 5-12mm
  • W.1052-L (Size 1/16") - Cutting capacity: 10-75mm
  • W.1053-L (Size 5/64") - Cutting capacity: 70-100mm
  • W.1054-L (Size 3/32") - Cutting capacity: 90-150mm

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