Harris Type VVC Cutting Nozzles

These are an exceptional quality product offering long-life cutting capacity compared with genuine Harris cutting nozzles. Used with machine cutters using propane to cut quickly and efficiently, with repeated accuracy. The popular ‘Chromed’ type is available in 16 sizes.

VVC is for machine cutting applications using propane or natural gas.

What size do I need? Please see below the corresponding AES part numbers for the different sizes available depending on what thickness of material you are cutting.

Cutting Thickness Guide

  • W.1046-VVC50 4mm Plate
  • W.1046-VVC40 4-6mm Plate
  • W.1046-VVC000 6-9mm Plate
  • W.1046-VVC00 9-12mm Plate
  • W.1046-VVC0 12-20mm Plate
  • W.1046-VVC012 20-35mm Plate
  • W.1046-VVC1 35-60mm Plate
  • W.1046-VVC1-1/2 60-75mm Plate
  • W.1046-VVC2 75-100mm Plate
  • W.1046-VVC25 100-125mm Plate
  • W.1046-VVC3 125-150mm Plate
  • W.1046-VVC4 150-200mm Plate
  • W.1046-VVC5 200-230mm Plate
  • W.1046-VVC55 230-254mm Plate

Please note, the correct cutting oxygen pressure must be available at torch entry.

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