MIG Torches with On-Torch Welding Fume Extraction

Due to the changes in HSE enforcement expectations in relation to the control of exposure of welding fume, including that from mild steel welding, the need to deal with welding fumes at source has become a mandatory requirement within the fabrication shop.

This all-new range of MIG welding torches with on-torch welding fume extraction offer a complete solution to the current HSE requirements, extracting the weld fumes right from the weld point. According to the most recent HSE welding fume facts, this is where the concentration of harmful substances will be highest, in what is called the 'plume of fume' that rises from immediate from the welding arc.

Having said this, a very important consideration when extracting welding fumes directly from on the MIG welding torch, is that the shielding gas is not affected. Removal of shielding gas as we know causes porosity in the weld. This range of MIG torches are fitted with a suction control valve on the handle to adjust the extraction flow rate while welding. This is very important, for example when welding into a corner, and the area around the weld becomes much more limited. It is very important that the right balance is found between removing all the fumes yet not causing porosity, and this unique feature is the solution to this potential problem.

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