Masterweld AWT400 TIG Spot Gun 3Mtr Cable Assembly

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The MasterWeld AWT 400 is an water-cooled Spot TIG welding Gun offering a unique solution for TIG spot welding applications where resistance welding is not suitable for the application, for example on fillet weld and edge welds on thin sheet metal. Also excellent for batch work where a lot of tack welding is required.

This torch design combined with the unique MasterWeld MW TIG Quick Spot and MW Multi-Tack applications, offer a unique solution to the welding industry.

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  • Supplied with welding nozzles for fillet welds, edge welds and flat welds including FOC setting gauge.
  • Better surface formation in comparison to resistance welding.
  • Flatter spot formation in comparison to MAG spot welding.
  • Excellent seam quality due to minimal heat input.
  • Very low thermal stresses and little distortion due to short welding times.
  • Perfect for visible joints due to clean seam appearance.
  • Very robust TIG Torch design.
  • Excellent HF safety.
  • Supplied with MasterWeld control and designed to run on all MasterWeld water-cooled TIG Power Sources.
  • Excellent results with MasterWeld MW TIG Quick Spot and MW Multi-Tack.

Equipment as delivered:

  • AWT 400 Water-Cooled Spot welding TIG Torch c/w 3mtr lead
  • Three spot welding nozzles for each weld type (fillet, edge and flat weld.)
  • Nozzle Insulator
  • Gas nozzle body
  • Gas nozzle
  • Setting gauge

Technical Data

  • Duty cycle DC- 400 A / 100 %
  • Duty cycle AC 360 A / 100 %
  • Electrode Ø 3.2 mm
  • MasterWeld quick-connect with remote control
  • Hose package length 3 m
  • CE Approved

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