Esab OK 63.30 Stainless Steels Welding Rods

Esab OK 63.30 316L Stainless Steels Welding Rods are an extra low carbon stainless steel electrode for welding steels of the 18Cr 12Ni 2.8Mo-type. Also suitable for welding of stabilized stainless steels of similar composition, except when the full creep resistance of the base metal is to be met.

Welding Current: DC+, AC OCV 50 V

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Esab Part Numbers;

  • OK 63.30 1.6x300mm-6330162030

  • OK 63.30 1.6x300mm-1/4 VP 63301620L0

  • OK 63.30 2.0x300mm-6330202030

  • OK 63.30 2.0x300mm-1/4 VP 63302020L0

  • OK 63.30 2.5x300mm-6330252030

  • OK 63.30 2.5x300mm-1/4 VP 63302520L0

  • OK 63.30 3.2x350mm-6330323020

  • OK 63.30 3.2x350mm-1/2 VP 63303230T0

  • OK 63.30 4.0x350mm-6330403020

  • OK 63.30 4.0x350mm-1/2 VP 63304030G0

  • OK 63.30 5.0x350mm-6330503020

  • OK 63.30 5.0x350mm-1/2 VP 63305030G0

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