Eurotrod BD22 Spezial Dual Coated 7016 Vac-Pac Arc Welding Rods

Double-coated low-hydrogen electrode with excellent welding properties in difficult positions and high mechanical properties. It is particularly suited for poor welding machines with low voltage on AC and DC+. Excellently suited for old and rusty material because of its stable and intensive arc. Well suited for root runs and the maintenance and repair sector.

See files for full technical data. Vacuum packed for ease of use on site. (6 Vac Pacs per carton)

Why use Vac-Pac?

No re-baking, no holding ovens, no quivers.

MMA electrodes from VacPac can be used straight from the package without the need to re-bake them and store them temporarily in holding ovens and quivers. Upon opening, fresh and dry electrodes are guaranteed when the vacuum is maintained.

Electrodes of low moisture absorption type (LMA, classified as H4 or H5), re-absorb moisture slowly from the air. The safe exposure time for this type of electrode is 12 hours* after opening the VacPac with the foil left in place. * Valid at standard AWS test conditions of 26.7 °C and 80% RH. How

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