MasterWeld 1682-17 Stainless Steel Arc Welding Rods

These E16-8-2-17 stainless steel electrodes are usable with DC+ (electrode positive) only. While use with alternating current is sometimes accomplished, they are not intended for use with this type of current. Electrode sizes 4.0 mm and smaller may be used in all positions of welding.

Storage and Drying Conditions: Why use MasterWeld MW Vacuum Packed Stainless Steel Welding Electrodes

The prevention of porosity in stainless or nickel-base weld metal, by controlling the moisture re-absorption in the coating of stainless steel welding electrodes, can be very costly. In demanding applications, such as offshore fabrication, the cost of climate controlled storage and handling and the associated administrations are often calculated to exceed the cost of the consumables itself.

With the new range of MW stainless steel electrodes from MasterWeld with MW vacuum packaging, these costs are completely avoided.

No Re-Baking, No Holding Ovens, No Quivers

MasterWeld stainless steel welding electrodes with the MW vacuum packaging can be used straight from the package without the need to re-bake them and store them temporarily in holding ovens and quivers. The laminated, multi-layer aluminium foil is vacuum-sealed around a strong plastic inner box and effectively protects the electrodes against moisture re-absorbtion from the air.

Safe Welding After Opening

MasterWeld stainless steel welding electrodes in MW Vacuum Packaging are low moisture absorption (LMA) types with a coating that only slowly re-absorbs moisture from the air. The safe exposure time is 12 hours* after opening the vacuum packaging with the foil left in place.

For optimal security, it is recommended to take out only one welding electrode at a time. Each MW vacuum pack contains 2kg of welding rods, and welding electrodes exposed beyond above limits must be re-baked.

The all-new MW vacuum packaging provides security and makes the welder’s life easier; in offshore and pressure vessel fabrication, the petrochemical industry, the food processing industry and other applications where the prevention of cold cracking or porosity is crucial.

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