Esab OK AristoRod 13.26 Welding Wires


  • OK AristoRod 13.26 is a 0.8Ni-0.3Cu-alloyed, bare, solid wire for the GMAW of weathering steels such as COR-TEN, Patinax, Dillicor and so on.

  • It is also suitable for high strength steels with a yield strength of up to 470 MPa.

  • OK AristoRod 13.26 is treated with ESAB’s unique Advanced Surface Characteristics (ASC) technology, taking MAG welding operations to new levels of performance and all-round efficiency, especially in robotic and mechanised welding.

  • Characteristic features include excellent start properties; trouble-free feeding at high wire speeds and lengthy feed distances; a very stable arc at high welding currents; extremely low levels of spatter; low fume emission; reduced contact tip wear and improved protection against corrosion of the wire.

Our Esab OK AristoRod 13.26 Welding Wire Range

  • OK AristoRod 13.26 0.8mm 15kg 1B26086900

  • OK AristoRod 13.26 1.0mm 18kg 1B26106910

  • OK AristoRod 13.26 1.0mm 250kg 1B26109320

  • OK AristoRod 13.26 1.2mm 18kg 1B26126910

  • OK AristoRod 13.26 1.2mm 250kg 1B26129320

  • OK AristoRod 13.26 1.6mm 18kg 1B26166910

  • OK AristoRod 13.26 1.6mm 250kg 1B26169320

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