Magnesium Alloy AZ92A TIG Welding Rods

MasterWeld AZ92A is a specialist TIG Welding rod for the welding of most Magnesium alloys. Typical applications are for repair of Magnesium castings, broken or worn out parts of different Magnesium alloys.


MasterWeld AZ92A has a melting Point 1112°F, is a magnesium 92/8 is Mg - 9 Al - 2 Zn welding alloy which finds wide use for fabricating and repair welding of many similar compositions. Casting repair and refurbishment is the most common application.



  • A 5.19: ER AZ92A
  • MIL R6944 AMS 4395


17672: 2010 Mg 001

Technical Advice on Welding Magnesium

When welding Magnesium, the problem is the oxide that builds up on the surface.

To obtain good results the surface should be cleaned mechanically with a stainless steel brush.

For chemically cleaning of magnesium, a solution of 24 oz. Chromic acid, 5-1/3 oz. ferric nitrate and 1/16 oz. potassium fluoride in enough water to make one gallon.

Bring the solution to 70-90° F then immerse the part for 3 minutes and rinse in hot water.

Make sure that both the welding joint and the filler rod are properly cleaned.

For the TIG welding of magnesium use a Zirconated Tungsten, AC welding current, and pure Argon shielding gas to offer proper melt pool protection.

An argon/helium shielding gas mixture may be used when increased temperature and cleaning action is preferred.

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