FFP2 Disposable Face Masks

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Certificate of conformity to EN 149: 2001 can be downloaded from the Technical Data tab on each face mask.

The Respair range of FFP2 Face Mask are manufactured in the UK and only available for shipping to UK government organisations, including the NHS and emergency services. We cannot ship these face masks to any address that is not in this category, every online order will be checked before the goods being shipped, and a full refund will be available should we not be able to process your order.

What is an FFP2 Face Mask, and what level of protection do I get from it?

FFP2 Face masks are designed to protect the user from particulates such as dusts, mists and fumes.

What is classified as a Dust?

Dusts are formed when a solid material is broken down into tiny fragments as a result of processes such as grinding, drilling, abrading etc. Hence face masks are often referred to as dust masks.

Mists are tiny droplets that are formed from liquid materials through condensation and atomization processes.

Fumes are formed when a solid material (e.g.: a metal) is vaporized through high temperature. The vapour cools quickly

and condenses into extremely fine particles.

The term Particulate commonly identifies the collection of these solid particles in the air.

FFP2 Face masks belong to the family of products according to the EN 149 standard. FFP stands for 'Filtering Face Piece' and an FFP2 Face mask should offer a minimum filtration efficiency of 94% against these particulates according to the EN 149 standard.

Why purchase FFP2 face masks online from this website?*

- All our FFP2 Face Masks have genuine CE approval which is mandatory for selling into the UK and Europe.

- All our FFP2 Face Masks are quality reliable brands that you can trust.

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- With FFP2 Face Masks that are not in stock, when you add the product to basket, it will tell you the lead-time on that product.

- We offer in-depth technical support on which FFP2 Face Mask will be the best for your application

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