Ultima-TIG Tungsten Grinder Package

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This is a wet grinder of tungsten electrodes that ensures precise grinding at the correct angle and perfect centring of the tip of the electrode. It grinds down to 8 mm which results in minimal electrode waste.


  • Sealed grinding chamber with dust collector to protect the user
  • Variable angle setting gives more flexibility
  • Wet grinding prevents overheating of the electrode during grinding
  • High grinding speed provides faster grinding and a smooth surface
  • The electrode holder ensures centring of the tip and reduces waste
  • Less electrode waste results in a short payback time

Package Includes

  • Grinder complete with table, diamond disc and grinding liquid
  • Electrode holder
  • Electrode clamps for Ø1.6, 2.4 and 3.2 mm electrodes (clamps are available for other electrode sizes)

Ultima-TIG is CE marked and meets all current EU regulations


  • Orbital welding
  • Robot/automated welding
  • Field welding
  • Plasma welding
  • Manual welding

Environmentally Friendly & Safe

Ultima-TIG is the environmentally friendly wet grinder of Tungsten electrodes for TIG welding, with minimal wastage of the expensive electrodes. Ultima-TIG is constructed with a unique disposable container that automatically collects the toxic dust particles and ensures safe disposal.

Wet Grinding

The combination of liquid for cooling and a high grinding speed of the diamond disc results in a polished and even surface of the Tungsten electrode. In addition, the cool wet grinding shortens the grinding time and prevents overheated and damaged electrodes.

Cost-Effective in High-Quality

Ultima-TIG’s unique construction reduces the waste of expensive Tungsten electrodes and reduces the time spent on grinding, resulting in a short payback time. The variable angle adjustment and unique clamping system centres the electrode, so that the grinding is carried out in the correct longitudinal direction of the electrode. A precise angle is not only important for the quality of the welding seam; the number of re-ignitions between re-grinding is also increased.

Simple Operation

Set the variable angle setting at the desired angle. Place the electrode in the electrode holder and tighten it in the stick-out. Insert the electrode holder, turn on the grinder and rotate the electrode holder until grinding is finished. After grinding, flatten the tip by placing the angle adjustment in the 90° position, if needed.

New Engine Control with

  • Service indicator
  • Overload protection
  • Readout the number of grindings


Motor 110V-50/60 Hz / 220V-50/60Hz
Motor effect 280W
Motor speed 6000 rpm
Grinding speed 31 m/sec.
Electrode size Ø0.8 – 4 mm
Min. length 15 mm standard (8 mm with special clamps)
Angles 7.5° – 90° grinding angle (equal to 15° – 180° tip angle)

Grinding angle from 7.5 - 90 degrees creates electrode tip angles of 15 - 180 degrees

Grinding angle from 7.5 - 90 degrees creates electrode tip angles of 15 - 180 degrees

Tip may be flattened by 1/10mm per point in this 90 degree position

Tip may be flattened by 1/10mm per point in this 90 degree position

Precise adjustment of the electrode's stick-out

Precise adjustment of the electrode's stick-out

Scaled disposable container for dust collection and disposal

Scaled disposable container for dust collection and disposal

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