Inverter MIG Welders

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Inverter MIG Welder - What are the benefits?

Minimum Spatter - broken down, Spatter is little pieces/droplets of molten metal that can be created from the welding process, then there's a disturbance in the weld pool or the amperage or voltage used is unsuitable. A good Inverter MIG welding machine will have very low spatter or none at all, and will work to minimise it as much as possible.

A Lightweight machine - this is simple but not always taken into account by the welder- if the machine is to be moved around a lot, a Inverter MIG welder will be lighter and easier to handle. A Rectifier Welder may be suitable if this isn't the case.

Digital Control - This means that the person welding gets 100% reproducible results, and does not rely on easily knockable or stiff physical knobs. A digitally controlled machine will be more user friendly particularly for the novice. More modern machines will have this feature.

As seen above, an Inverter Welder will be the best option the great bulk of the time, and cheaper machines are more likely to wear out faster. Rectifier welders are a generally older technology, usually from the far east, and are only really best for limited hobby use or at a stretch intermediate work.

Rectifier MIG Welders vs Inverter MIG Welders

Rectifier MIG welders are a much older technology that lack digital control (Being entirely analogue), are much heavier than Inverter welders, needing a transformer, but are less expensive. For the budget conscious welder that has a smaller application such as a single car restoration, a Rectifier Welding Machine can be fine, but a modern Inverter welder will usually be much better, being smaller and more efficient.

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