Translas 8XE Mini MIG Extractor Torch Parts

Safe & effective extraction of welding fumes directly at source

The 8XE MIG Extractor integrates the most efficient fume extraction structure in the welding industry. The torch comes with three different angles, 30°, 45° and straight. The 8XE MIG Extractor, combined with the ClearO2 W-series 100 and 200, captures up to 98% of welding fumes directly at the source. The 8XE MIG Extractor provides the safest and most effective solution for welders and workers to breathe CLEAN AIR and better work environments.

The robust connection between swan neck & metal neck

The new nozzle holder provides a robust connection between Swan neck and Metal Neck. It is designed to take the biggest blows in any industrial environment.

Unique nozzle-design for optimal performance and durability

The nozzle design is unique to provide the best results. Openings, wall thickness and grip ribs are thoroughly developed for optimal operation and best performance.

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