Fronius TransSteel - The Ultimate MIG Welder

Fronius TransSteel offers the leading technology available for the spatter free welding of steels, from medium to heavy steel fabrication applications. Available in a compact version with the 2500C and the 3500C, also as separate MIG welders with eth TransSteel 3500 and 5000 Fronius Welders.

Why buy Fronius TransSteel?

The rugged partner for structural-steel fabricators

As reliability is key to steel construction, robust tools are an absolute must. The TransSteel is created for this purpose: a robust and reliable partner characterised by the intelligent device design and exceptional ease-of-use. Digitally controlled and primed with expert knowledge, the TransSteel welding system has the optimum setup to deliver superlative steel welding, and guarantees 100% system performance.

Integrated Fronius Kow-how for Steel Welding

Steel Transfer Technology is a knowledge package that has been specially put together for the steel market: perfectly tailored welding characteristics that produce precision ignition or perfect burn-off behaviour, for example. The machines are the embodiment of a wealth of technological know-how too: such as the hosepack receptacle that is integrated directly onto the motor plate in the wirefeeder. The welding wire is guided all the way from the wirefeeder to the contacting zone. The result is highly stable wirefeeding and less attrition of wearing parts.

Steel Transfer in more depth

Steel Transfer Technology

Fronius has developed special welding characteristics for the demands of steel construction;

  • Steel: universal characteristic for quickly and easily applying welding settings that meet most steel welding requirements.
  • Steel Root: characteristic for a soft, stable dip transfer arc, which produces a viscous and well-modulated weld pool. It is ideally suited to simple root passes with no weld-pool backing support and provides an excellent gap-bridging ability.
  • Steel Dynamic: the characteristic for a concentrated hard and dynamic spray arc. It delivers deep, narrow penetration and an increased welding speed. It is ideal for parts requiring an especially strong joint.

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